The “Next Web is looking for investigative reporters and feature writers” by Joel Falconer

We’re look­ing for writ­ers to join The Next Web’s fea­tures team. Fea­ture writ­ers will join us on a free­lance basis and be paid per-article.

We’re seek­ing con­trib­u­tors in sev­er­al cat­e­gories, but across all of them you must have a few essen­tial traits.

Pas­sion­ate about tech­nol­o­gy
Fast, con­fi­dent writer
Nat­ur­al atten­tion to detail
Inquis­i­tive and inves­tiga­tive
Inves­tiga­tive Reporters
We’re look­ing for inves­tiga­tive reporters to devel­op feature-length pieces that delve as deeply into the issues they cover as pos­si­ble. These are research inten­sive, gen­er­al­ly requir­ing you to con­duct mul­ti­ple inter­views. Gen­er­al­ly, 10 to 14 days will be given to com­plete these fea­tures.

Do you love inves­ti­gat­ing and uncov­er­ing issues? Are you happy to ask the dif­fi­cult ques­tions in an inter­view? Will you do any­thing to get to the truth? Our inves­tiga­tive fea­ture writ­ers need to be tena­cious and ded­i­cat­ed to their work — and have thick skin.

Please point us to your pre­vi­ous long-form work when you apply.

How-to Writ­ers
We’re look­ing for prac­ti­cal types to get involved in writ­ing our week­end how-to pieces. Our cov­er­age will include tech­nol­o­gy, life­hacks and DIY. If you’d like to show read­ers how to do cool stuff on the web and with their com­put­ers (no basics, please), how you get 24 hours of work done in 12 or share instruc­tions for your lat­est Arduino project, this is the gig for you.

How-to arti­cles should be high­ly visu­al with plen­ty of screen­shots and/or pho­tographs, be divid­ed into suc­cinct steps so the process is bro­ken down into its basic ele­ments, and con­cise so the focus is on the action.

Opin­ion Writ­ers
Do you have a lot to say about star­tups and tech­nol­o­gy? Have a track record of keen insights into the nature of the indus­try and what should be done dif­fer­ent­ly? The Next Web opin­ion pieces need to real­ly ana­lyze the news after the fact and pro­voke spir­it­ed dis­cus­sion.

You will either already have a rep­u­ta­tion as an inci­sive com­men­ta­tor, or a body of work that shows us that you have what it takes and just need an audi­ence.

List Writ­ers
Yes, list arti­cles are to the tech media what gos­sip pieces are to the main­stream media. But some­times our read­ers just want to read some­thing light and easy on the week­end while they’re relax­ing. You’ll be respon­si­ble for deliv­er­ing that expe­ri­ence.

You should be adapt­able and will­ing to han­dle list pieces at dif­fer­ent ends of the spec­trum. Some­times, you might need to do a bit of dig­ging to come up with — for exam­ple — the twen­ty most dan­ger­ous cyber­crime attacks of the decade. Other times you should be able to take a leaf from’s book and leave your audi­ence laugh­ing.

How to Apply
You can apply by head­ing to our recruit­ment form and telling us about your­self. Please include links to pre­vi­ous work that is rel­e­vant to the role (or roles) that you are apply­ing for.


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