Christopher Nolan’s next reboot coming Summer 2013


One of the most anticipated movies of the year has finally hit theaters. Despite what has happened in certain parts of the world at The Dark Knight Rises premiers, the fact remains that the movie will be seen by thousands upon thousands of people this weekend, which means it’s the perfect movie to debut next summer’s big superhero film in the form of a teaser trailer. The Dark Knight Rises does not disappoint in that regard either.

Next year the long-anticipated Superman reboot Man of Steel is set to hit the big screen. The movie does not try to pick up where the original Christopher Reeve films left off as the ill-fated Superman Returns did. This one attempts to do with the Man of Steel what Christopher Nolan did with Batman, and completely reboot the series. It retells the origins of the man who would become Clark Kent/Superman.

The trailer is, at first, unclear as to what movie it is. You see the DC Comics logo, but the images are hazy and indistinct. You see a shaggy young man on what appears to be a fishing boat, the hitchhiking beside the road. Then it seems to flashback to when that young man was a child, standing amidst clothing hanging on a line. There’s a brief shot of the young boy with a red towel tied around his neck, looking up. Then the voice-over starts and it takes the listener/viewer a moment to realize, “hey, that’s Russell Crowe.” The voice beseeches the young man to have faith in humanity and the says that he will eventually lead them to greatness.

Just as the realization sinks in, “Hey, I know! This is the Man of Steel trailer!” the scene suddenly shifts to clouds and the sky. The music stops and there is only the wind. Then, from the bottom of the screen, a man rockets into the sky, wearing the trademark blue costume and flowing red cape. Up and up and up he goes, the sky seeming to bend as he rises, and then he rises into the deep blue sky, two contrails left in his wake.

The screen goes dark and, finally, the words MAN OF STEEL appear.

The movie is directed by the man who brought Watchmen and 300 to the big screen, Zac Snyder. Interestingly, the movie is produced by Christopher Nolan. Already there are rumors that this Superman is grittier than any other Superman presented before, in other words, given the Dark Knight treatment.

The movie stars Henry Cavill as Superman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Russell Crowe plays Superman’s father, Jor-El. It also stars Michael Shannon as the villain, who is rumored to be General Zod.

Man of Steel is set to be released summer of 2013.


4 thoughts on “Christopher Nolan’s next reboot coming Summer 2013”

  1. The barman trilogy was excellent I would do a reboot but with Chirs Nolan abroad aspect a brilliant comic book or a an original story not just special effects like some move via avengers. Can’t wait for the movie to hit theaters next summer. I pray that man of steel opens big and that chirs change his mind and do the justice league movie.

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