What is missing from the new iPhone 5?

It actually really ticks me off that NFC (Near Field Communication) is missing from the iPhone 5. So much has been made of the future of NFC and its endless possibilities. Apple has been known as having the elite device on the market however their biggest competitor released a phone before they did which features NFC capabilities. Apple missed the boat with this, which sucks.

A lot of people were hoping that Apple would ditch the 16, 32, 64 GB HDD line for the iPhone line and move towards 32GB bottom line which would matched with 64 GB and a new 128 GB model. Although I would love to see a 128 GB model due to my crazy amount of pictures, music, apps, and such, I understand the choice not to adopt the 128GB model. Not adopting the model gives customers a reason to have not only an iPhone but also have an iPod in addition.



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