Blu-Ray: Adding to the Collection

I am not really sure I have talked about it before but I really enjoy movies. I like collecting old movies that re-release on BluRay like Deer Hunter, Citizen Kane, etc. I like watching old flicks but I also appreciate the supreme video quality of high definition. I often run into to films which have not been yet rereleased and some I doubt with every be released on Blu-Ray. In honor of that hobby and this month being Black History Month I wanted to highlight some titles that are lesser known among my generation.

 Let’s Do It Again


This movie is an absolute classic featuring legends like Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby, Calvin Lockhart, Ozzie Davis, and John Amos. This was an all-star black cast back in the 1975 when it came out. The plot is basically about rigging a boxing match in order to raise money for a fraternal club. It’s a strong comedy and that has long gone underrated.

Uptown Saturday Night


Uptown Saturday Night is another black classic featuring several similar actors including Calvin Lockhart, Poitier, Cosby, Harry Belafonte, and the late comedic genius Richard Pryor.

Steve Jackson (Sidney Poitier), a blue-collar worker at a steel mill, has just begun a two-weeks-long vacation. He is convinced by his friend Wardell Franklin (Bill Cosby) to go to a party that Saturday night at Madam Zenobia’s, an uptown nightclub.

While the two are at the party, the club is robbed. The masked bandits force the patrons to strip to their underwear, then steal their money and jewellery, including Steve’s wallet.

The following day, Steve is at home and reading his newspaper when he learns he has won the lottery. However, he realizes that the lottery ticket was in the wallet that was stolen from him, and Steve and Wardell spend the remainder of the film tracking down his wallet by consulting with crooked politicians, fake detectives, con-artists, and underworld crime bosses. As the ad for the film states: “They get funny when you mess with their money”.

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