App of the Day: Rise

I have always, always, always had issues with waking up to an alarm. I don’t sleep but I do sleep hard so its difficult finding the right alarm so I have many. I had been docking my phone to my sound system and having that wake me but now that I am back in school in a confined space, its difficult to that because I do not want to wake up other people in other apartments. When I started my internship that complicated things more because I HAD to be up by a certain time. Originally my dad was calling and waking me up but he cant always do that. I recently started using the app Rise which is available for free on the App Store.

Its simple, easy to use, and it works. The app has an intuitive UI so i suggest watching the tutorial. It is a progressive alarm. I have to be up by no later than 6:30 so I have it start waking me up by 5:45 and usually be 6:00ish I am awake but no later than than 6:31 when it gets intense.

Additionally, Rise can also help one get to sleep and contains a playlist called “Sleep Tunes” which contains a few songs but you can also make a playlist from songs already on your iPhone. I have not used this feature but intend to very soon.


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