a simple prayer to my future wife… (REPOST)

Oh Lord,

please guild her on every steps that she takes in her daily life. and i pray that she will be strong and courage to overcome her circumstances, not by her own but by Your strength. also i pray that she will continue oh Lord, to walk with you each day and to increase her capacity to love You more passionately and love people more compassionately. this is my desire oh Lord, to see her love for You grown daily and even to a point that will cost her everything. Help her in her daily walk oh Lord, increase her in her knowledge about Your Word. prepare her oh Lord, to become what you want her to be tomorrow. i pray Lord that You will be her provider and protector. thought i don’t know who is she and where she is right now, my prayer is that You will always lead her on Your path of righteousness, never leave her nor forsake her. this is my prayer to my future wife. may You oh Lord, be the center of our relationship, always and forever.

i love you…
I found this. I believe this is very important to pray for your future husband or wife just as Abraham prayed to God to send a wife for his son Isaac.

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