My Empire State of Mind

From about the end of my sophomore year up through the mid point of my senior at Anderson University, I planned on going to the New York Film Academy to complete post-grad work. At some point, along the way I realized film wasn’t going to be part of my life, at least on the professional level.  I had worked with a digital media team that did some minimal  post-production work and it was not a job I enjoyed very much.

After I finished up my undergrad, I tried out the job market for about 7 months and did not find a lot of success. I found some jobs but nothing I had a passion, nothing I could make a career out of. I ended up taking a trip out to Rutgers University in NJ doing there digital marketing mini-MBA program. Between the people I met and the environment, I fell in love with NYC. I had decided to go back and get my MBA and now I am here.

I am 24 years old. I am single. I have no kids, no girlfriend, and no pets. I have a great group of friends. I have a great family. There is a girl that I am getting to know. But the issue I am currently having is that I am struggling once again to find something I am passionate about. The plan right now has been to get a job, save some money and in the fall move with two of my best friends, Amber and Corey. But right now I have an empire state of mind. I have been looking at jobs in New York, other than a tweet here or there I haven’t told anyone. If the right opportunity arises I will most likely jump at it.

Sometimes I get the impression no one would care if I let. But that might be because my support system doesn’t want to hold me back from my dreams either, I don’t know.