Slightly Jealous: Microsoft to Give a White Xbox One to Employees


Reddit recently announced that Microsoft will be freely handing out white variant of the upcoming of the XBOX One to employees working in Microsoft’s IEB (Internet Entertainment Business) division, the one responsible for Xbox. The white variant will be exclusive to those employees (at least for now).

The XBOX One that comes out this November will be available in all black. There are no word if it will ever become available in white, however I tend to believe it will be at some point. It seems like every gaming system has come out in another color at some point. Its natural for a black system to have a white alternate and vice-verse.

I personally am a huge fan of white accents throughout a room. Gloss white is actually the accent in my bedroom so I am a huge fan of this system. I currently have the PS4 preordered yet I have been thinking about the XBOX One. This would have been so clutch for me. However I would liked to see the Kinect in white also.

Additionally, an “I MADE THIS” engraving will be embossed on the white Xbox One giving  its owners some serious bragging rights. In addition, owners will get one year of Xbox Live subscription and a bunch of free games.

Any Thoughts – Please Comment.


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