Dear Drake, Thanks for introducing me to SAMPHA

I have been listening to Drake’s highly anticipated fall release “Nothing Was the Same” for a weeks now. The are definitely some good songs on it but nothing in my book compares to “Too Much” features South London’s Sampha. Many of his fans hate that I was introduced to him this way and they voice their distaste on YouTube comments. Sampha is really up my alley, with my adoration for black musicians in alternative genres and subgenres like Thundercat, Flying Lotus, and Bad Rabbits to name a few.

I recently listened to “Without” on YouTube and have since purchased it. I love listening to during my bike ride. The smooth mellow sound is a perfect balance in an already somber collection of songs. I purchased the EP “Dual” this weekend and listened to it while stuck in airports for the better part of two days. Sampha definitely has found a fan and endorser in me. I feel like the song plays too my heart.


(IMAGE CREDIT goes to Upside Sounds)

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