I love music. I love getting new music. I love supporting music by going to shows, promoting using social media, and purchasing music sometimes even pre-ordering music. All that being said though, I haven’t particularly been excited about the release of any music for the most part this year……until now. Flying Lotus is one of the favorite musicians in the world. I own digital copies of all of music, vinyl of some, and CDs of many. Over the last few months he has been teasing a new album, “You’re Dead,” which releases October 7. Last week, he released an audiovisual teaser of the 19 song album which has been me so excited that I have preordered the CD and Vinyl from Amazon and grabbed the digital copy on iTunes.

01 Theme
02 Tesla [ft. Herbie Hancock]
03 Cold Dead
04 Fkn Dead
05 Never Catch Me [ft. Kendrick Lamar]
06 Dead Man’s Tetris [ft. Snoop Dogg and Captain Murphy]
07 Turkey Dog Coma
08 Stirring
09 Coronus, the Terminator
10 Siren Song [ft. Angel Deradoorian]
11 Turtles
12 Ready Err Not
13 Eyes Above
14 Moment of Hesitation [ft. Herbie Hancock]
15 Descent Into Madness [ft. Thundercat]
16 The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep [ft. Captain Murphy]
17 Obligatory Cadence
18 Your Potential / The Beyond [ft. Niki Randa]
19 The Protest

I am particularly excited for Never Catch Me, Descent Into Madness, and The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep. Thundercat & Kendrick Lamar are also personal favorites. Also not often does an artist feature their alter ego on a track. Things should be incredibly interesting.


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