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#DateNight Done Right

Yes, I made menus for a restaurant I called “La Parrilla de Noche Loca” aka “The Date Night Grill”. Yes, the roses on the table were for her. I made Sticky Glazed Chicken Thighs with Butter Lettuce Wraps. I also grilled asparagus and corn. We both had a glass of Orphan Barrel Distillery Barterhouse Bourbon, which is phenomenal. This is #DateNight Some say she was lucky but I’d argue that I was lucky one. Dear Men, we are supposed to do stuff like this!


I am already planning the next date where I do something like this but better. I will be making Mac and Cheese Stuffed Ravioli with Chicken, all from scratch with a side Caesar salad. i may consider making a gelato or Tiramisu for dessert. I am not sure if I want to do this for a date or invited her mother to dinner too and make this. I will making another menu but of a different kind as well.


I love music. I love getting new music. I love supporting music by going to shows, promoting using social media, and purchasing music sometimes even pre-ordering music. All that being said though, I haven’t particularly been excited about the release of any music for the most part this year……until now. Flying Lotus is one of the favorite musicians in the world. I own digital copies of all of music, vinyl of some, and CDs of many. Over the last few months he has been teasing a new album, “You’re Dead,” which releases October 7. Last week, he released an audiovisual teaser of the 19 song album which has been me so excited that I have preordered the CD and Vinyl from Amazon and grabbed the digital copy on iTunes.

01 Theme
02 Tesla [ft. Herbie Hancock]
03 Cold Dead
04 Fkn Dead
05 Never Catch Me [ft. Kendrick Lamar]
06 Dead Man’s Tetris [ft. Snoop Dogg and Captain Murphy]
07 Turkey Dog Coma
08 Stirring
09 Coronus, the Terminator
10 Siren Song [ft. Angel Deradoorian]
11 Turtles
12 Ready Err Not
13 Eyes Above
14 Moment of Hesitation [ft. Herbie Hancock]
15 Descent Into Madness [ft. Thundercat]
16 The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep [ft. Captain Murphy]
17 Obligatory Cadence
18 Your Potential / The Beyond [ft. Niki Randa]
19 The Protest

I am particularly excited for Never Catch Me, Descent Into Madness, and The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep. Thundercat & Kendrick Lamar are also personal favorites. Also not often does an artist feature their alter ego on a track. Things should be incredibly interesting.

Lupe Fiasco Birthday Gift

I am a huge Lupe Fiasco fan. I own all of his music, digital and physical. He’s an artist that I will buy an extra copy of his CD and give it away because I feel like his music deserves to be heard by many. I also like how he thinks differently than other artists. Now he has the idea (shown above) of doing personal verses for only $500. I think this could be an out of the box gift for a fan or whatever else. Maybe a could buy one as a gift to the young lady that I am talking to you for her upcoming birthday.

“Alien Girl (Today w/ Her)”

“Alien Girl (Today w/ Her)”

She look better than Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Miss Jolie
Where’s she from? No I.D., that girl’s an alien
And if I die before I wake, I pray that I’m in outer space
U-F-O fly away
So let’s go-go-go-go, let’s go-go-go-go
Let’s go-go-go-go, let’s go, let’s go

[Kendrick Lamar]
Uh, she got me going, I’m all in
Fifty stories, I’m falling
Where you been? Is it planet Mars?
Far beyond the stars? Are you a Martian?
You’re unfamiliar, but still I feel ya
Energy is sending me toward the ceiling
I’m high now, are you up there?
If you was, I would climb every other stair
I gotta stare, I mean wow
and I’m wowed, no one compares
A one-on-one, you must have won
every pageant in America when you was young
Lips, hips, hair drip down her back crazy
Body frame crazy, insane, crazy
The only girl that can make time, then make me stop


[Kendrick Lamar]
Uh, so now we on, so now we gone
Living in the city of the unknown
I show her off, I stunt with her
We do it sweet, they look bitter
Look at her get up, I hear ’em say
But why him? I hear ’em hate
I laugh at it, rather than jab at it
Then continue eternal life as a crack addict
cause I’m addicted, and you the drug
Cold turkey? No sir
Gotta be an odyssey from Heaven way above
You definite, not probably, I gotta give it up
Lips, hips, hair drip down her back crazy
Body frame crazy, insane, crazy
The only girl that can make time, then make me stop


[Kendrick Lamar]
You something different
I’m glad I found you
So pretty
I’ll never do anything to hurt you


One of my favorite records of 2012 was the Game’s “Pray” featuring J. Cole and JMSN. The combination of great lyricists, subject matter, quality singing, and background music just worked for me really well. It may have applied to my life is some form or another too. JMSN’s hook and background singing was just incredible and lately he has shared some of recent work via Soundcloud.