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Greek Life: A Missed Opportunity or Nah?

I went to Anderson University for both my undergraduate and graduate degree programs. I am grateful to them for receiving a quality education. Anderson was also pivotal in some of my closest friendships and relationship to this day. One of the biggest downsides to Anderson though was the absence of Greek life. Anderson has social clubs. “Social Clubs exist to enhance the quality of the social and spiritual life of the Anderson University community by providing opportunities for involvement in service, social, and spiritual activities for students.” None of the social clubs at Anderson exist anywhere else. There is no brotherhood, there is no alumni network, etc. I always felt they were worthless. I still do. I wanted Greek life on campus.

I really have always thought of myself as someone who would belong to a black fraternity. One of my best friends went to Howard, where he never pledged but is now pledging grad as a Kappa. It got me thinking about pledging grad myself. Recently, I have been getting to know a young lady whom is an AKA. She has encouraged me more to really consider pledging grad. I am definitely considering it. I happy to know that I have not necessarily missed out on my opportunity.